Thursday, 9 May 2013


I've not been feeling well at all today. I was up half the night with a sore head and a temperature so i decided to take the day off college and just chill at home. Shaun's working a night shift tonight so I decided to make some bread for his sandwiches. Baking is my favorite thing to do and i thought it would be a good way to distract me from my sore head. I've come up with my own recipe which is a mixture of different recipes that I've found online. 500g wholemeal flour1tsp salt1 sachet yeast2 tbsp olive oil1tbsp runny honey300ml waterPut all dry ingredients in a large bowl (salt on one side, yeast on the other). Loosely mix with hands. Add oil and honey. Gradually add water whilst bringing the mixture together to form a thick dough (you may need more or less water depending on mixture). Put a tiny bit of olive oil across a clean surface, rather than using flour, to avoid the dough from sticking. Knead the dough until its stretching and soft. This should take about five minutes (or two songs, it's an easier way to measure time). Put back in the bowl and leave for about 1hr or until it has doubled in size. Take out dough and beat out the air by kneading a maximum of five times. Shape dough (i like it circular but rectangular works too) and place on a lined baking tray. Leave for another hour or until it has doubled in size. Pre heat oven at 200c. Score top of dough to help it bloom. And then bake for 30-35mins. Take out of oven, leave to cool. Enjoy as a sandwich, as toast or with pate and nice cheese