Sunday, 16 December 2012

Xmas Wantlist

It's official, I'm in a festive mood! Well, to be honest, I have been since my first cup of Costa's gingerbread coffee way back in November. But now its less than 10 days till Xmas and I want to scream with joy.

This Christmas is extra special as it's the first time I'll be spending it with Shaun. This means that I'll be away from home for the holidays! I'm not grown up enough for that yet, am I?! Everyone has a certain way that they do things on Xmas and I am genuinely nervous of being part of a different families traditions. This year I won't be able to enjoy a game of charades with my Nana and I won't get to make my famous Christmas cake (which I made once and ate it all myself). But, I'm looking forward to spending time with Shaun's family and getting to celebrate my favourite day of the year with my boyfriend.

NOW to the more important issue of presents! just kidding! This year I've no idea what I'm getting from my parents. I've made subtle hints (i.e told them) that I would love a shiny white ipad but they didn't seem too keen as my track record with gadgets is not swell (my phone is currently in Ireland, yes, Ireland. Don't ask). So I've been writing a Christmas list, like a young one, to give to my Mumma for ideas. Heres some of the things I've come up with ...

(1) Patterned Pyjama Shirt, River Island - Last week when I was out Xmas shopping I saw this lovely shirt and wanted it immediately. I don't care if it's meant to worn in bed, I'd wear it everywhere. I love comfort and what's more comfy than your jimjams?

(2) Coconut Shimmer Body Butter, Body Shop - Before I moved out of the family home I would steal all my Mumma's body shop stuff and It's this very moisturiser that I wouls seek out when rummaging through her stuff. The smell is sensational! My skin is very dry and I'm in desperate need of some skin care products. Bloody winter.

(3)Bodysuit, Newlook - I've been after a bodysuit for ages as I keep imagining outfits with one of them. I like the sexiness of them which make them really easy to dress up, but, I have the perfect pair of lumberjack-style jeans that would make a really nice casual outfit.

(4)Necklace, Topshop - For my birthday this year (allllll the way back in January) Shaun bought me the lovliest, most amazing short necklace from H&M. But, I broke it! Therefore I need a replacement and this one is pretty sweet.

(5)Cambridge Satchel, Urban Outfitters - AAAH I WANT IT! no explanation needed.

(6)High Tops, River Island - Ever since i first lay my eyes upon the wonderous high-tops, featured in Isabel Marants collection, I knew I needed to have a pair. Everyone has been jumping on the heeled trend and unfortunately that is just not for me. I wish I could pull it off but my legs look like long spider legs as it is. So, I'm going for the flat version!

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  1. I love that pyjama shirt :) xx

    Ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter :)