Monday, 17 December 2012

My Daily Make-up

I'm not claiming to be a make-up and beauty expert, trust me! But, I'm learning so much about it and just thought I'd share with you what it is I apply on my face every morning. I used to use make-up to cover up my imperfections as I've never had perfect skin. I've found products now that both cover up my spots (eugh!) and don't feel too heavy on my skin.
Firstly I'll apply my foundation. I use Max Factor 3-in-1 (review here) which I just love! I don't see me buying another foundation for a long time. I've never known how to apply make-up to my eyes and I've gone through fazes of wearing loads of make-up and wearing none at all on my eyes. Now I've got a nice balance in the middle. I wear a tiny flick of liquid eyeliner and a little bit of mascara. For both products I use Rimmel and have been using it since I started wearing make-up. I've never had a problem with it and I find it really easy to apply. One product that I ALWAYS use is Vaseline because dry lips aren't sexy. If I fancy a jazzier look on my lips I'll use Max Factor lipstick in the colour Dusky Rose (sounds old granny-ish but I love it).
So guys, what's your beauty regime?


  1. Nice post. You should try Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade cherry blossom :) i think that colour would suit you. Chloe is also one of my favourite fragrances great choice :)

  2. "Dry lips aren't sexy." - So true.:) Vaseline is my go to product as well.

  3. great post... i know with make-up or any skin care products its so hard to find the right one... it might be right for someone else but not for you.... so I know when I find something i like.. it stick to it....

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    if you like make-up....


  4. I live by vaseline it's always my saviour - and nice collection of makeup too :)