Sunday, 21 April 2013


It's been almost two months since I lasted posted anything on this (bad, unorganized me). I've had so many deadlines and pressures from college I just made the decision to take a break from the blog to focus on getting into my degree, which i did! Also, Shaun got himself a job (yaay) and so I lost my photographer. I've recently been thinking about the blog a bit and I've missed doing posts. So, although I'm still snowed under with work I'm going to try and just keep a stream of photographs and little thoughts on the blog. It's just too difficult to organize things as well as I did before so expect to see posts about my life rather than just the clothes i'm wearing. 

Now Shaun is working I've been spending a lot of time on my lonesome and it's been an effort to do anything
outside of the flat. However, I've been meaning to go to the antiques fair at Kelvinhall for ages and today I finally made it. I didn't find anything I wanted to take home with me but it was full of lovely jewellery, books, old photographs and other knick knacks. Next time I'll drag Shaun along and we'll see if we can find anything for the flat, specifically a mirror. 

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