Tuesday, 23 April 2013



Recently I've found myself getting more and more obsessed with looking at furniture and kitchen stuff. I find myself planning out whole rooms and pricing everything (not that I have any money). Maybe I should become an interior designer! I've always loved looking at real estate so I guess this whole phase is just the next step. I'm completely obsessed with this retro chair and I think it would be amazing as a dining room set.

Anyone who has spoke to me in the last year knows that I'm OBSESSED with baking. I partly blame the Great British Bake-off. Which is why I need one of these mixers! they are just so pretty! and expensive so i would greatly appreciate if someone would buy it as a gift for me.

Over the last little while I've noticed that my vision gets a bit fuzzy at times. Nothing serious, just when I've been reading for a long time or something like that. So, I was browsing through Bonlook's website and I just love love love this pair. Must get my eyes tested soon!

I love Gwyneth Paltrow. Well, I love her lifestyle. All the whole and healthy foods she eats just makes me so jealous as all Shaun and I can afford are the savers brands. I've always loved flicking through cookbooks but the photography in It's All Good is just beautiful. I've started to write down all the recipes that i make up so maybe one day I'll have my own cookbook. One can dream.

I'm a huge fan of Madewell's clothes. They just know how to make stylish clothes that are simple, which is right up my street. Now it's getting to the summer months (yaaas) I plan on ivesting in a nice pair of sandals and I love this pair. I like the thicker strap and how flat they are. I'm not a fan of a heel, hurts too much.

BonLook Eyeglasses for women only $99 - Free Shipping

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