Saturday, 2 February 2013

Leopard Shoes

Today my sister and I went shopping in town to specifically buy these funky leopard print shoes from Primark. I saw them about a week ago and really regretted not buying them. So, after finding out I had £80 hidden away in some old savings account (result!) I decided that it was ok to spend £5, yes only £5. Actually, this whole outfit cost about £20. The jeans were a tenner off of Ebay and the bodysuit a fiver also from Ebay.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Glasgow these photographs were taken outside the Gallery of Modern Art. I absolutely love the building and the surrounding square. When it gets round to Christmas time again (I know, thinking ahead) I'll definitely do a post with all the Xmas lights here. They're so pretty! Hope you like the outfit and the photos!

top & jeans - Ebay , shoes & bag - Primark

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  1. i am in love with those jeans especially and just the whole outfit all together, gorgeous! x

  2. Hi there! I cannot tell you how much I relate to everything you are wearing! I love it! I am going through a 90s revival at the min so you are basically wearing my wardrobe. I'm here because I saw you got Company Forum Blogger of the week and wanted to congratulate you! You have a fab blog, its great! Love your layout and style!

    Well you have one more follower over here, excited to see what you post next!


    1. That's amazing, I've always loved the 90s thing. Aww thank you so much. Good luck with the company mag competition!

  3. Love the jeans - just managed to nab myself some with my work uniform and I love them! x

  4. Those shoes are incredible!! I always forget to look at the shoes in Primark as they're upstairs in my local store and I've usually fallen in love with too much on the first floor haha :P Love your rucksack too :)
    Love Holly x