Monday, 24 December 2012

Oban Stories

Travelling home for Xmas was never going to be fun. It's a three hour bus journey, a five hour wait, a 1 hour boat and then a half an hour car journey. So both Shaun and I were not ecstatic about waking up at 6.30 to take this trip. However, when we arrived in Oban we actually had a surprisingly good time. I was wearing an old cashmere cardigan that I think belonged to my mum (possibly still does, apologies mum), some plum coloured jeans form H&M (where else?) and my old booties from Topshop that are completely destroyed but still comfortable! The weather was, of course, disgusting but I think it was the thought of being half way to our destination that kept us happy. Oh and the thought of Christmas! Now it's Xmas eve and the thought of dinner tomorrow is making me full already! Hope you're all having a great Christmas Eve so far!


  1. Świetny blog! Wesołych Świąt i szczęśliwego Nowego Roku ♥