Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Shortbread

I know I go on about how poor I am a lot but here's another post about a little money saving idea I've come up with. SHORTBREAD FOR XMAS PRESENTS! genius. You only need three ingredients then simple ribbon and tissue paper to wrap. I decided to decorate mine with icing but that's totally not necessary. So, all you need is butter (125g), flour (180g) and caster sugar (55g) to make these delish little treats.
click read more for a picture step-by-step tutorial!

So, start by mixing just the butter and sugar together until it's a paste consistency. Then, gradually add the flour (sifted, of course) until it's all doughy.
Cut them in whatever shape you like. I normally do it in little fingers but I thought bitesize circles were much cuter for Xmas. Bake them for about 20mins at 180degrees, always keeping an eye as they get over cooked really quickly. If you're wanting to put icing on, like I did, make sure they've cooled down first then apply.

You could really package them in any way you like but I decided to put them into little Santa-like sacks. Simply fold the tissue paper around three of the biscuits stacked up and then tie with some string. 
Let me know if you use this recipe guys! hope you enjoy xo

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